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Fast, Accurate Medical Transcriptionist Services In Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth Are Available At NTS Transcriptions

The streamlined medical transcriptionist services of NTS Transcriptions have been helping health care practices throughout Australia and New Zealand save time and money for over a decade. The company, which began in 2002, provides fast, accurate, and cost effective transcription solutions to private practices, hospitals, and more in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Using the latest in technology and software, NTS Transcriptions has developed a reputation for excellence in the industry.

High Quality Specialist Medical Transcriptionist Services In Sydney

Medical practices in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia need a transcription service they can trust. Practice managers need fast turnaround, accuracy, and security. NTS provides all of those with its highly experienced professional medical typists. Clients find that working with the company is very easy and helps to reduce the headaches associated with managing typing in house.

Clients start the process by dictating using one of many acceptable devices. NTS can even help clients with digital voice recorders, since it has a longstanding relationship with Olympus. NTS is an official dealer of Olympus digital recorders and transcription kits. The products are easy to use and reliable. Clients may also use a variety of other devices including an iPhone.

Once the recordings are made, clients can upload them to the NTS automated system using the Internet. Clients can rest assured that the system is safe and fully secure. Patient information is transmitted and stored on a maximum security FTP server at the IBM headquarters in Chicago. NTS Transcriptions is also NPP (National Privacy Principles) and HPP (Health Privacy Policy) compliant. Needless to say, clients do not have to worry about patient information being kept confidential.

Experience The Savings Using NTS Transcriptions

There is no escaping the fact that medical professionals are busy. Their schedules are brutal and finding time for transcribing dictations and typing letters can be hard to find. NTS Transcriptions understands the medical industry and realises that time is a valuable commodity. That is why it provides medical transcriptionist services in Brisbane and the rest of Australia. Its services can free up valuable time for medical practices to focus more on patient care.

Health care facilities will also notice a big difference in their bottom line by reducing their typing costs when working with NTS Transcriptions. Those receiving medical transcriptionist services in Melbourne, for example, will notice there are no set up costs or any ongoing maintenance fees. Clients are not locked into to any long-term contracts either. They only pay for what is typed. What clients receive from NTS is the best system available to meet their needs at a fraction of the cost of any competitors. Clients cannot go wrong with NTS.

Clients can also have their system custom designed for their own individual practice. Medical transcriptionist services for a Perth practice may differ from a hospital in Sydney, for example. NTS Transcriptions will examine how much typing is done each week, how many dictators are in the practice, and how many locations are involved. Using that information, NTS will develop a system to meet that individual practice’s needs.